Dasyatnya Postingan Gad Elbaz Tentang Lagu Contekan Anies Sandi

Jawaban Pedas Penyanyi Israel Gad Elbaz Untuk Anies Sandi Soal Lagu Kobarkan Semangat
Hi guys I want to share with you all something important about this song that was out 5 years Ago in 2013

So in Indonesia for political purposes they used the biggest Song in the Jewish community sang by me an Israeli Singer for political purpose, that the politician is Anti Israel and they are Extremist Moslem. 

His name is Sandiaga Uno

So I must share with u all they said I copied them so… 

This song was out before any artist Such as Mark Anthony release it I release this Cover By Chab Challed

And this song became the biggest Jewish song all over the world in every country and
Thank U #God for this song and May all the extreamest people that want to kill all the people that don’t believe in there believes God will pay them Back for all they done and want to do I’m this world

Happy I am in the good side of the world

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